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The Legendary Chevy Camaro

I am sure that you have watched “Transformers”, a movie with high quality animation effects and wonderful plot. I do not want to discuss about the movie actually. I want to ask you about the Bumblebee, the yellow Chevy Camaro which is one of the most legendary cars in the world produced by General Motors. Well, I will discuss the Chevy Camaro with you as your additional information in automotive world. 

It is reasonable that Chevy Camaro is one of the best cars with the best performance in the world. Produced the first generation in 1966 (known as the 1967 year model), Chevrolet continues producing this American muscle as well as sport car until now.  The first model remained to attract the attention of automotive lovers until the second generation was produced in 1970-1981 and the third generation in 1982-1992. The generations clearly influenced the competition between the competitors of high performance cars at that time. 

Built in 1993, the fourth generation of Camaro introduced the new F-body platform with the variant of convertible ones introduced in 1994. The latest generation, which is also known as the fifth generation, appeared to the market in 2009 until today’s production. Basically, it was produced based on the 2006 Camaro Concept and 2007 Camaro Convertible Concept. About the 2012 Camaro, it is only available with a single model in “Carbon Flash” paint. The development is also given to the engine especially to the V6 which was updated to 3.6 L “LFX” that will produce 323 hp. Besides, the Camaro SS is also developed especially in the suspension system and also the details such as RS spoiler and taillight, wheel-mounted volume and radio controls, as well as Bluetooth connectivity control. 

Well, for you the automotive lovers, you will find the information about automotive and other info here. Just keep connected with this!  

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